Team.House Features

Implemented features are in bold.

Products and/or Services

As part of implementation.

  1. Create, edit, archive and delete your products and services;
  2. Set and edit titles, descriptions, prices, images and attachments, links;
  3. List and sort Products and/or Services;
  4. Manage availability;

Finance and Billing

  1. Manage Billing;
  2. Set and edit payment methods;
  3. List and sort Payments;
  4. Manage availability*;


  1. Manage Projects;
  2. Manage Tasks;
  3. Manage access to Projects and Tasks;
  4. Manage availability of Projects and Tasks;


  1. Web page bookmarking (via Bookmarklet) / Bookmark management
  2. Web scraping (for good use only!)
  3. A|B testing + tag manager(s)


  1. Neo4j integration
  2. Elasticsearch connection(s)
  3. RedisGraph integration


  1. WordPress
  2. CodeIgniter
  3. custom CMS solution(s) (hybrid solutions, integrations, REST, GraphQL, etc...)


  1. Create, edit, archive and delete your Customers and Prospects;
  2. Track Leads and Opportunities;
  3. List and sort products and/or Orders;
  4. Manage Proposals;
  5. Manage Subscriptions and Licenses;

Marketing and Promotions

  1. Create, edit, archive and delete your Media Assets;
  2. Track results;
  3. Manage Email lists* (see below E-mail apps);
  4. Manage Events;
  5. Pixels: Facebook, Google, custom self-hosted!


  1. API;
  2. Data Import and Export;
  3. Connectivity*;
  4. Custom features;


  1. Facebook login and user data;
  2. Google login and user data;

E-mail apps

  1. Mailchimp integration;
  2. SendGrid integration;
  3. MailGun integration;
  4. Amazon AWS SES integration;


  1. custom integrations;
  2. API first integrations;

*- implemented partly.