Team.House Features

Implemented features are in bold.

Products and/or Services

As part of implementation.

  1. Create, edit, archive and delete your products and services;
  2. Set and edit titles, descriptions, prices, images and attachments, links;
  3. List and sort Products and/or Services;
  4. Manage availability;

Finance and Billing

  1. Manage Billing;
  2. Set and edit payment methods;
  3. List and sort Payments;
  4. Manage availability*;


  1. Manage Projects;
  2. Manage Tasks;
  3. Manage access to Projects and Tasks;
  4. Manage availability of Projects and Tasks;


  1. Web page bookmarking (via Bookmarklet) / Bookmark management
  2. Web scraping (for good use only!)
  3. A|B testing + tag manager(s)


  1. Neo4j integration
  2. Elasticsearch connection(s)


  1. Create, edit, archive and delete your Customers and Prospects;
  2. Track Leads and Opportunities;
  3. List and sort products and/or Orders;
  4. Manage Proposals;
  5. Manage Subscriptions and Licenses;

Marketing and Promotions

  1. Create, edit, archive and delete your Media Assets;
  2. Track results;
  3. Manage Email lists* (see below E-mail apps);
  4. Manage Events;


  1. API;
  2. Data Import and Export;
  3. Connectivity*;
  4. Custom features;


  1. Facebook login and user data;
  2. Google login and user data;

E-mail apps

  1. Mailchimp integration;
  2. SendGrid integration;
  3. MailGun integration;
  4. Amazon AWS SES integration;

*- implemented partly.